Kings of SEA OMG Slaying the Kingslayers TNC. Locks in Grand Finals and MSC Slot

Kings of SEA OMG Slaying the Kingslayers TNC. Locks in Grand Finals and MSC Slot
Publish Date 01 May 2022
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The final push for the grand finals spot for OMG and TNC draws near as the first series of the final day of Playoffs kickoff with both teams matched up in the lower bracket finals.

The Kingslayers TNC will have to finish the Kings of SEA OMG once again in a best of 5 series to decide who will face RSG in the grand finals. All hands are on deck as this will be the last lives of both teams in their playoffs run.

Crowds were filled in the SMX Convention Center, Pasay as the most anticipated day in the MPL Season 9 comes to its concluding day, with scores to settle and crowns to be worn. TNC looked confident as they were able to take down OMG in a 3-1 series in Playoffs Day 2. OMG, however, took momentum by sweeping ONIC PH in a clean sweep yesterday, April 30.

The first game became a decider for the momentum building of both teams. Blow by blow, OMG and TNC threw damage against each other that raised tension to the roof. SDZYZ’s flashy Lancelot special was served hot as it danced through the Land of Dawn against Raizen’s Baxia that rolled through enemy territory. As the midgame phase went on, Kelra (Clint) and E2MAX (Lylia) were able to scale their damage and ride into the rollercoaster starter, opening the series with a win within 25 minutes of the game.

In the second game, SDzyz was still given the Lancelot pick where it had to battle Raizen’s Karina and Ch4knu’s Grock. Early game advantage was handed to TNC despite giving away two turtles compared to the one secured by the team. SDzyz was focusing on clearing multiple farm sites to funnel the gold into himself, hiding from the Grock’s impenetrable engage and setting his sights on taking down Kelra’s Clint. At the 13-minute mark, the flashy plays went shining for the Lancelot which gave them the brightest opportunity to take the win. Timing was everything to the blazing phoenix squad as the ticking time bomb of OMG was coming close in the late game.

The overall defensive efforts of OMG allowed the time bomb to pop off in the late game, which gave confidence to Kelra to outstand the SDzyz special and rely on Ch4knu in disorienting the positioning setup by TNC. Both of the lords were secured by OMG, allowing full control of the map and get the endgame condition for barangay Omega to get their win, putting themselves in series point.

With the series on the line for TNC, the change in the draft of the squad gave optimistic hope as Alice was locked in for Kramm and Pharsa for Escalera. Barangay Omega answers back with the E2MAX special Cecilion as the late game contender and take this final battle to the late game battle. Both of the squads are keeping check of each other, letting both of their late game carries scale as fast as possible, giving stacks to Kramm’s Alice and Cecilion on OMG. Both are keeping the win conditions at bay, with TNC getting the early game advantage and, in OMG fashion, snatch it in the later stages of the game.

TNC’s backs were against the wall in what it seems to be the end of their run. The squad had to pull out all of the cards in their sleeves as OMG kept scaling and winning skirmishes with the vital contributions of Ch4knu’s Atlas and Kelra’s Claude that added as the secondary late game carry. All crosshairs were locked onto the Alice when all resources of TNC were funneled into this vampiric mage.

In the final push of the game in the 18-minute mark of the final game, E2MAX sniped through enemy territory with the Cecilion special, taking down four members and leaving Escalera alone to defend the base. In OMG fashion, the game and series went to their favor to advance to the grand finals, hoping to win against one of the strongest teams in the playoffs RSG.

Picks and Bans:

Game 1: TNC (L) 11 - 16 (W) OMG (25:57)

Game 2: TNC (L) 10 - 17 (W) OMG (19:51)

Game 3: TNC (L) 16 - 21 (W) OMG (18:58)

Post Game Breakdown:

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:


Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

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