Publish Date 12 Mar 2022
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Rivals meet once again as the new ube makes it way once more into the Land of Dawn up against the comeback kings. Contrary to how BLCK usually drafts their composition, a surprising pickup on the Lancelot as their first pick opened the drafting phase between these two teams. True enough, a clean early game rotation onto OMG's gold lane was shown to us by Kevier's Lancelot together with DEX STAR and Hadji, Denying Kelra from succesfully attaining a smooth early game. An extremely objective-oriented gameplay is shown to us by BLCK, taking down the lord immediately by the 9-minute mark, and keeping the kill score steady at 5-0 until the 18-minute mark. The mere presence of the DEX STAR on this Diggie immediately negates the set-up capabilities of OMG, and the Filipino Sniper once more lived up to his name with the accurate snipes OMG constantly had on the receiving end. The 'feathered airsnipe' combo takes away the first game of this series before OMG is able to take a kill for themselves.

After a long time, we finally come into game number 2 and an extremely patient early game is exhibited between both teams. This time, however, despite the disadvantage posed by their compositions and their corresponding power spikes, OMG was able to get the better early game with Ch4knu on the Ruby and E2MAX on the Pharsa displaying so much aggression, in turn providing endless space for Kelra on the Claude to farm as well as immediately get his hands on his core items especially with the help of his Avarice emblem.

With a lack of sufficient answers to the problems brought about by the kind of late-game composition OMG had with the early power spike that they attained, BLCK was no longer able to sustain the game and play along the aggression of OMG, eventually forcing yet another third game for this day.

This time, for game number 3, a signature blacklist pick comes into the battlefield as DEX STAR fields the Estes once more, and each team plays carefully with the first blood only taking place 7 minutes into the game, and the first major fight happening 9 minutes into the game. Surprisingly, however, Raizen's Claude core is able to work and farm especially with the help of the Demon Slayer emblem that enables it to farm at a same pace alongside Kevier on his Lancelot. BLCK however, despite being able to maximize and play according to their strengths during the early game, once again becomes unable to answer the scaling capacity OMG's composition had. Finally, Kelra steals the show as he secures a savage against Blacklist International, allowing for OMG to eventually close the series with a clean wipeout.

Game 1 (19:59) - BLCK 9 (W); OMG 0 (L)

Game 2 (18:20) - BLCK 5 (L); OMG 13 (W)

Game 3 (15:49) - BLCK 4 (L); OMG 10 (W)

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