Publish Date 26 Mar 2022
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Two battle tested team will face-off tonight for a chance to move up of the standing. For RSG, it is time for the resurgence as they continue to move up the standings. Speaking of moving up the standing, Omega, wants to escape the seventh place to have a chance to enter the playoffs. A win for both teams will create momentum for their campaign this season, with the drama brewing with the first two series this game will not disappoint.

The new patch shaped up the team compositions this week, with the rise of the tank both teams will surely enjoy these changes. Ch4knu has been struggling this season and with this patch expect the mamba to return and strike. The Grock pick for him will give enough tankiness and damage needed to sway the tide for the boys in blue. Light with Masha pick destroyed every hope for Raizen to farm peacefully in the early game as he smothered Ling time and time again. Emann, on the other hand, sniping out everyone with Beatrix while Aqua (Kagura) and Demonkite (Lancelot) focused on assassinating the backline of Omega. With a line-up without Marksman, Omega struggled mightily to close the gap as Kelra (Paquito) tried to enter the realm of RSG but the burst from Kagura and Beatrix is too powerful for Kelra to handle. E2max tried to clear the battle with his Pharsa but the umbrella of Kagura kept on haunting him. Early game went to the hands of Rsg as they continued to smother Raizen and his farming. Emann and his Beatrix focused on dealing damage and reeling towers, but the moment Omega got their momentum, games changed hands quickly as the Kings of Come back showed us, they are the kings of the Sea. The new and improved Masha with the stacks of HP three times higher than the tank of opposing team, proved to be the ultimate late game potential as Light haunted E2max to the point that he became a non-factor during the last part of the game as RSG secured the fifth Lord and the game one victory.

Game number 2 is a different demon as Omega decided to play the tank game as Raizen and Ch4knu decided to go with Baxia and Grock, Kelra focused on the sniping mechanic of the Clint and E2max sealed the vision with his Selena. For RSG, they will rely on the burst potential of a Dyroth for Demonkite, Franco for Mr. Showtime Light and with Aqua (Yve) on his helm the future is brightfor RSG, Kenji debuted Belerick on the Exp lane. The farm game surely defined this game as Omega secures the important jungle creeps and gained pick offs from the lane they enter. The damage centered Grock has been a menace for RSG as Ch4knu smothered they squishy heroes from RSG side as the Selena-Grock combo destroyed every momentum for RSG. The early game advantage scaled up to the mid game as Omega got their counter items for the damage that RSG wants to deal. As Omega neutered the damage of the boys in blue the fiery tank of Omega secured game clinching kills for them as they secure the victory for game number two. The series is now tied-up two a piece

After all of the frenzy that happened this day, we will return to the stable assassin vs assassin game number three as Raizen secured his Ling against the Karina of Demonkite, as Omega focused on the gold lane heroes to negate the capabilities of Emann one hero slipped out of the bans of Omega. The Melissa pick was a game changer for RSG as Emann survived the onslaught of Omega whenever he is ganked and the damage is so vital for their scaling damage. But the X-factor of the game went to the hands of the Phoveus by the returning Kenjie. With the picks of Omega relying on the dashes and movements its open things for the Phoveus to jump and decimate the heroes of Omega.

The new patch proved to be one of the games changing patch in recent history as teams transitions from the assassin centered draft, to a more conventional tank era. As teams try to find a way to deal with this patch, others have been searching for answers. Can Omega become Alpha and climb up the standing? Or can RSG continue their Resurgence?




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