The Kings of Kings meets the House of Highlights

The Kings of Kings meets the House of Highlights
Publish Date 02 Jan 2023
Author Jerico Arguelles
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RRQ and Echo both managed to finish in second place in the two most respected MPL regions, behind Onic ID and Blacklist International, respectively. They were heavily challenged by other teams, but were still able to secure a spot in the M4 Worlds Championship. The audience remains filled with high expectations as Echo makes its international debut, spearheaded by Karltzy, the M2 World Championship Champion and MVP. Dubbed the 'House of Highlights' by Filipino casters, can Echo stay loud and proud in the international stage or can RRQ show their dominance as the 'King of Kings'?

In response to meta changes, RRQ prioritized  Valentina-Claude while Echo answered with Yve-Karrie. Both teams went for different approach in their drafts, Echo balancing out their team composition for both single target and AOE clash while RRQ have a pick off centric draft with Akai and Kaja.

Despite the numerous skirmshes across the map in the early game, Echo has established a small lead up until they managed to secure the first lord. A very early second item 'Wind of Nature' purchase from Karrie denied the dive from both Claude and Benedetta, ensuring his survival the following skirmishes. Spearheaded by both Yve and Karrie's DPS, RRQ struggled especially Lemon’s Valentina having a 0/5/5 KDA 17 minutes into the game.

Just before the third Lord respawns, R7 got caught by Jaypee’s Khufra, signalled RRQ give away the Lord. Depite RRQ having all their resources for defense, the DPS from Bennyqt shredded their frontline and the zone using both Real World Manipulation and Black Dragon Transformation left RRQ with Alberttt alone while Echo took down the Crystal.


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