No Playoffs, No Problem: TNC Still Rises Despite Being Out of Playoffs Contention

No Playoffs, No Problem: TNC Still Rises Despite Being Out of Playoffs Contention
Publish Date 30 Sep 2022
Author Vincent Pajenago
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Despite their formidable run last MPL-PH S9, last week cemented the Phoenix Squad’s demise in this season. Already out of the playoffs contention, the TNC Pro Team is looking to reclaim their name as the Top 3 team of last season. With nothing left to prove, they are going up against the team that shocked everyone with their precision and composure despite being a rookie team, ONIC-PH. Who will prevail as the two clash against each other?

TEXTBOOK PLAY. Ever since last season, people have been hearing this description of how TNC plays. True enough, in the absence of Wise last season, it was SDzyz that has been lauded as the player whose playstyle revolved around objective-taking. This excellence has been displayed as he used Dyrroth, devouring the lord objective (2-0) and turtles (2-1). Of course, this will not be possible if it were not for Escalera’s Grock absorbing all of the damage and being at the forefront of all of the clashes. Because of this, despite utilizing a double fighter matchup, Kramm with the Masha and Yasuwo’s Paquito, topped with KingSalman’s Lylia, they were able to halt the movements of ONIC-PH. However, the combo of Rapidoot’s Atlas and SUPER FRINCE’s Kadita still fought to the very end as Nets’ Beatrix tried to wreak havoc. Despite all of these, it has been proven ineffective as they were left helpless as the first glorious lord marches towards their base, signifying their loss. TNC turns ONIC-PH into cinders as they take game #1.

When you move too fast, the tendency is for you to crash harder. That seemed to be the plan of ONIC-PH as they try to take Game #2 and extend the series to a tie-breaker. Now in a better draft compared to the last game, they easily halted the movements of the Phoenixes. Despite their opponents securing the first turtle objective, they made sure to take the other remaining ones—purple and orange buffs doubled, turrets 9 to five (5), lord three (3) to zero (0). With Sensui’s Akai appearing to be immune to damage, he easily absorbed all of the skills of their opponents. This made it easier for SUPER FRINCE’s Valentina to shine—securing kills upon kills—as he mimicked and imitated their opponent's rotation and skills. In the end, ONIC-PH proved just why they are the team in the playoffs as they take game #2.

Coming from a loss in Game #2, the Phoenix Squad is looking to close off today’s series with a win and complete their redemption. To start it off, they banned SUPER FRINCE’s Valentina which has been a menace during their previous loss. They continued on with SDzyz’s Paquito which wreaked havoc in the early game. Further, they heightened this pressure by adding the threat of a Selena in Escalera which made it more difficult for them to navigate throughout the map. However, their opponent still fought back, even securing two (2) lords against their two (2) lord take as well. Still, the Phoenix Army was relentless in their attacks, even melting the defenses of Der’s Uranus, leaving their opponents unable to react. In the end, it was them that prevailed, proving that if wild cards do exist, they would be crowning themselves that title. TNC Pro Team proves why they were last season’s Top 3 team as they cause a shift into the scoreboard of MPL PH-S10. No one is sure yet to be on top as they take Game #3 and the series against ONIC-PH.


GAME 1 (15:47) - TNC 11 (W); ONIC 9 (L)

GAME 2 (21:20) - TNC 13 (L); ONIC 29 (W)

GAME 3 (28:34) - TNC 17 (W); ONIC 12 (L)


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