Nexplay swept Smart Omega with a total domination

Nexplay swept Smart Omega with a total domination
Publish Date 04 Mar 2023
Author Jerico Arguelles
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Omega had a rough start in the MPL-PH Season 11 with a 1-3 record in the first 2 weeks of the league likewise their opponents, the rookies of the league, the revamped Nexplay also had a rough start. They were 7th and 6th in the current ranking, with both 4 points in their belt. Which team will stand out? Can the rookies win against veteran or will the veterans teach the newcomers how they should operate in the professional scene?

For this game’s draft, Omega banned out pick off centric heroes and backline disruptors such as Kaja, Karrie and Yu Zhong while Nexplay took out high mobility heroes such Joy, Wanwan, and Fanny. Omega had a plan in their mind as the banned-out Karrie to first pick a Fredrinn. A classic Lapu-Lapu and an unusual Pharsa first pick for the side of Nexplay. Omega chose Yve and Kadita for the second phase while Nexplay locked in a Melissa. For the second banning phase, Nexplay focused on pressuring the hero pool of Kelra as they banned out both Claude and Harith forcing him to a Beatrix which Melissa had the advantage laning against and we get to see a debut Arlott pick for the side of Omega.

Right off the bat, Smart Omega pressures BoyetDR’s Akai making sure he is low enough to be unable to tank for his team. This led for Raizen to take all three Turtles although Nexplay had better trades because their gold continued to snowball despite the objective takes of Omega. By the time the first Lord spawned, Nexplay had a different plan and bursted Raizen allowing them to take the Lord freely. The investment on DomengDR with the Diggie pick allowed him to out scaled Kelra pretty early in the game and they were able to took down an Inhibitor turret in the Gold lane. A big play on the side of Omega but failed as they were unable to pick off the Lapu-Lapu. 16 minutes into the game, as the third Lord spawned, a Reverse Time was casted to Raizen in combination to BoyetDR’s Heavy Spin on both Kelra and Raizen allowed Nexplay wiped out Omega, take the Lord and end the game just before Omega hit their timer.


For game number two’s draft, it was Omega who banned out high mobility heroes while Nexplay banned out control and utility mages. Both teams switched their strategy and went to steal their opponents’ pick last game. This time it was Nexplay who first picked the Fredrinn and a Diggie steal for Omega. Domeng also stole Kelra’s pick last time after Omega banned out Beatrix.

Game number two early game were still in the side for Nexplay. They still took all three turtles again and even though Smart Omega had the Diggie this time, to also counter BruskoDR’s Lolita, DomengDR still had the advantage in the Gold lane over Kelra’s Karrie. The game was all pointing towards Nexplay sweep, the continued set ups from Lolita consumed so much resources from Omega, in addition to DomengDR’s accuracy on Beatrix’s Renner owned Omega. 16 minutes into the game again, Omega took the risk to contest the Lord however, an single Renner’s Apathy killed Mikko hiding in the bush. This allowed Nexplay to take the Lord and chase the remaining members of Omega. They were able to end the game without the Lord marching with absolute domination.



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