Loud and Clear. ECHO Shouts Unstoppable Statement, Stays Undefeated.

Loud and Clear. ECHO Shouts Unstoppable Statement, Stays Undefeated.
Publish Date 05 Mar 2022
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Season 9 juggernauts Echo and RSG continue the action for the second day as one of the current powerhouses holding the top spots in the standings.

Mobility was the novelty highlighted by ECHO with Bennyqt’s Paquito, 3Martzy’s Yu Zhong, and KurtTzy’s Selena.

The early damage of both teams were surpassed by RSG with an early scaling of Demonkite’s Balmond that helped secure turtles and kills which gave their team a hopeful redemption after losing yesterday against TNC.

KarlTzy’s unconventional aggression from the Aulus jungle became the savior for ECHO as he was able to scale up and charge head on relying on the Yawi’s Diggie protection and the backup of the other members denied the snowball chances of RSG and roll their own snowball despite giving away all turtles and the first lord.

With the Tzy dynamic trio and Bennqt Paquio, the squad went full force after securing the lord in the 15 minute mark to secure the first win of the series.

A back and forth episode of action throughout the Land of Dawn was displayed in the second game where both teams exchanged even kills from start to the near end.

KurtTzy’s Pharsa and Bennyqt;’s Beatrix were the difference makers for ECHO, dealing massive damages to the backline of RSG which cancelled out the Wanwan of Emman to pop off. Nathzzz was the savior here for RSG with the Esmeralda, but one man will not suffice to the multiple members of ECHO popping away the health bars of their opponents.

Yawi’s Natalia made a surprising treat for ECHO as well that paired with the zoning of KurtTzy making them the biggest problem for RSG to have their hopes up in bouncing back.

With the sieging opportunities and overwhelming firepower of ECHO, they held no holds barred and went in to the red shining base of RSG and close out the series with a clean sweep and remain undefeated.

Post Match

Game 1

Game 2

Game 1: ECHO (W) 12 - 6 RSG (L) (16:53)

Game 2: ECHO () - RSG () ()


Game 1

Game 2

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