It's ONIC Time. ONIC PH Weather the Storm to Secure Nailbiter Series Against Blacklist International 2 - 1

It's ONIC Time. ONIC PH Weather the Storm to Secure Nailbiter Series Against Blacklist International 2 - 1
Publish Date 18 Mar 2022
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As the second half of the season commences, global powerhouses ONIC PH and Blacklist International faceoff in series one to start the regular season’s first day of the fifth week.

The first draft turned to be a battle of the assassins where Kevier’s Lancelot tangoed with Kairi’s Ling. Both core roles of the squad have made names for themselves as the consistent carries for their team, leading the charges for the kills and closing the gaps as they approach each other’s bases to get their own wins.

Hadji’s Kagura and Oheb’s Kimmy also went for additional firepower for ONIC with kills collected by the two for the early game advantage. Baloyskie was the answer for the aggression of the composition as the Franco reeled in important members to take down which gave hope for their own squad and deny destruction of their base in the later stages of the game.

Blacklist, with the snowball rolled onto the game, sieged into the base in the 14 minute mark with the lord. However, the defensive effort of the team gave a rebreather for the shining base especially Markyyyy’s Clint clinched the near death situation of the game and gave themselves more space to dance around the Land of Dawn.

With the late game situation and items now locked in for both teams, ONIC PH made the necessary calibration to turn the tables around with the clutch iron hooks and eliminations to secure the win in the first game of the series.

A battle of old school versus the new moves were showcased in the second game as Markyyyy brings light to the latest hero Melissa against the past – famous heroes Benedetta for Edward and DEX STAR’s Jawhead. The junglers of both teams have swapped picks as well with Ling now in the hands of Kevier and Lancelot for Kairi.

A similar story is also displayed as Blacklist’s squad are taking over by storm in the early stages of the game with major objectives secured such as the turtle and the turrets which gave favorable odds to their hands. ONIC, however, again kept on keeping their heads above water by scaling for the late game and pick off possible kills without trading their own heads.

Kevier, with eyes focused on the prize, was the runner for the major objective takedown that exponentially helped the siege opportunity of Blacklist. If the squad was unable to finally go in for the win in the first game, the team did not want a deja vu story and forced a tiebreaker for the night.

A sweet surprise for ONIC PH in the third game was the Natalia pick for Baloyskie. This assists the early game disadvantage that they missed out in the first two games, which made them give up their own early game presence and depended on scaling opportunities. This time around, a high damage ceiling was drafted for the team especially markyyyy’s Lunox and Hatred’s assassin Chou.

With ONIC going for a different approach, Kairi’s Lancelot sliced and diced through enemy lines and wreaked havoc to demolish any chances that Blacklist could grasp to take back the lead and fight back for the win.

Patience was the key factor for Blacklist, finding windows of error for ONIC that could bring back hope for the win. They may have given up a base turret in the 15 minute mark, but the overall presence of Oheb’s Beatrix is proving to be the big problem for ONIC. Oheb has been clearing waves and piercing bullets through the heads of his foes which continued to deny the chances of ONIC to easily get access to the base.

With the lord contest in the 19 minute mark, Kevier clutched the steal and eliminated Baloyskie for a comeback play and finally take down turrets for their own.

In the 24 minute mark, Markyyyy sacrificed himself to help secure the fifth lord for his team, which was expected to be the nail in the coffin. Blacklist International said no to the hammering lord as they were still able to save themselves from the game winning push. With Oheb alive and healthy, they have stretched the game to one of the longest games of this season.

The 30 minute game finally concludes after ONIC finally locks in Oheb in their own crosshairs and the sixth lord to take the game to their hands and take the nailbiter series with a win.

Post Match

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3


Game 1: BLCK (L) 17 - 15 (W) ONIC (18:36)

Game 2: BLCK (W) 11 - 7 (L) ONIC (16:10)

Game 3: BLCK (L) 9 - 15 (W) ONIC (30:43)


Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

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