Edward Leads Blacklist International With a Tight Sweep

Edward Leads Blacklist International With a Tight Sweep
Publish Date 18 Mar 2023
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Both Blacklist International and TNC Pro Team have started the second half of the regular season with unwanted results, but they both plan to shake the jitters off and bounce back as soon as possible. Which team will walk away this series on a good note and on the road to momentum?


With Blacklist being on the blue side, Diggie was prioritized for their team, but TNC cleverly responded with Melissa and Pharsa. Blacklist then grabbed their signature Valentina, as TNC secured Lapu-Lapu for their EXP laner. TNC’s composition relied heavy on diving and damage from the back line, while Blacklist aimed to thrive in long and sustained team fights. 

A heated skirmish transpired early on in the first game at the Gold lane, where both Innocent and Super Red took down each other. TNC sneakily secured the first Turtle and dominantly took down the next as well. Kills were not apparent in the early to mid game as both teams were disciplined and did not want to commit as much. The third Turtle was secured by Blacklist this time, but TNC have taken down the outer top and middle turrets of the Agents. TNC always had their eyes on OhMyV33NUS, but this served as a bait in Blacklist’s favor, as they were able to shove the side lanes. With an incredible extended team fight, and a heroic play by Edward’s Paquito, TNC were wiped out by the Agents, which gave them the opportunity to push their way into the base of the Army, winning the first game, 1-0.


Although TNC was on the blue side, Fredrinn was part of their ban list, having great respect for Wise.  Most of the bans revolved around high mobility heroes such as Wanwan, Joy and Fanny. TNC started the draft with Pharsa, as Blacklist responded with lane bullies Diggie and Melissa. TNC secured heroes with disruption such as Moskov and Yu Zhong, while Arlott was up for grabs for Edward. Finally, Valentina was out of the table as TNC banned it during the second phase. Lancelot was picked for TNC, alongside Hilda, a natural counter against Diggie. Blacklist responded with Grock in the jungle, and Yve to help deal with Hilda. 

TNC, as they should be, was very aggressive with their early gameplay against the Agents, with pickoffs all around the map and eventually securing the first Turtle. The early pressure paid dividends for the side of TNC, as they made a solid lead after the laning stage. TNC continued to find pickoffs against Blacklist International, and this all paid off as the Army safely secured the first Lord of the game. At this point, Super Red needed his power spike in order to fight back against TNC’s aggression. After a lengthy Lord dance that lasted for a few minutes, Blacklist were finally able to punish TNC’s lack of patience as they partially wiped them out and secured the Lord. Innocent attempted to do a backdoor play against the Agents, but Edward came in with the clutch defense play. With this, Blacklist found the opportunity to finish the game accompanied by an enhanced Lord, sweeping the series 2-0 against TNC.



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