Daddy Jaypee comes in with CLUTCH! Echo vs OT!

Daddy Jaypee comes in with CLUTCH! Echo vs OT!
Publish Date 04 Jan 2023
Author Patrick Gallego Santos
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This game is where the upper bracket position for Echo is at stake! With Yawi out of the line-up for the time being, Jaypee comes in as a subtitute; and manages to bring it home for the orcas in their first game in M4, with that being said, how will Jaypee manage to fill that position that made Echo to win the first runner-up in the MPL-PH going in to their second game.

The draft phase started with Echo banning out the tanky and utility heroes while OT banned the marksmen to shut down Bennyqt. Echo picked Sanji's signature hero, yve, where he dominated Lemon in their match-up in their previous game and got all the sustain heroes heroes to build up their draft with the heroes of Karltzy and Bennyqt; their main damage dealers.

The game started off with Jaypee forcing the flicker of kaja twice and rotating in the map in the early game alongside Sanji to pick off the members of OT, mainly Gado. With this early game gold lead they managed to easily zone out the players of OT, and Jaypee even managing to last hit the turtle. Bennyqt got all the space and farm he needed to get his crucial item on harith on the 8th minute mark, which is fairly early that led him to deal major damage on the enemy and getting that legendary in the late game. As Sanford is also having the time of his life in his lane he got these amazing sets and plays, especially, in the last team fight where he caught three players with petrify to finally end the game.


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